Dunsley Highlander 3

The Highlander-3 is available with matching canopy, on request. This can be removed or replaced at any time. The Highlander-3 has interchangeable top or rear flue outlets fitted as standard, to take 125mm flue pipe.

The Highlander-3 has been designed with one door to open for re-fuelling and ash removal, therefore no safety precautions are necessary to prevent overfiring of fuel when removing ash from below the grate. The Highlander-3 will take logs up to 200mm (8″) long. The super air wash system has been designed to keep the glass clean to give a full view of the superb flame pattern, created as the flames rise to meet the incoming air, thus causing secondary combustion to take place. A steel boiler or stainless steel boiler is also available. This takes the place of the rear firebrick and can be installed by Dunsley if ordered with the stove, or can be fitted at a later date if required. see below for code Number to use.



As with the Highlander-7 and 5, the Highlander-3 has been designed to give you cleaner burn and superb efficiency. Its slim appearance and superb air wash gives it an appearance to be desired. The air wash and primary air controls are designed to be precisely controlled, to allow maximum efficiency to be obtained and control outputs to your requirements. The Highlander-3 is also fitted as standard with a superb shaker grate. This enables logs or any other solid fuel to be burnt at maximum efficiency and is very easy and clean to operate. A non shaker grate model is also available, with the design advantages of the Highlander-3 but without the shaker mechanism. This gives you a very good stove at a reduced price. You will of course have to de-ash as required with the hooked poker provided.