Country or city, traditional or contemporary, the innovative Gazco Marlborough gas stove has the flexibility to suit your lifestyle and your decor. It is available in three sizes and each has an extensive window area to allow you to enjoy the dancing flames and warm ambience of the coal or log-effect gas fires to the full.

Operation is simplicity itself too. There’s Piezo ignition and a manual control to adjust the flame height and heat output. Choose Gazco’s Command upgreadable remote control and you can adjust the flames and heat from your armchair. Alternatively, opt for the deluxe Programmable upgradeable remote control to set the gas stove to switch itself on and off and heat the room to the temperature you select.



Brand Gazco
Nominal Heat Output S: 1.95 – 3.60kW
M: 2.50 – 5.28kW
L: 3.10 – 7.25kW
Gas Types Natural Gas
Fuel effect Logs and Coals
High Efficiency Conventional Flue: 78%
Balanced Flue: 82%
Colour Choice Matt Black
Command Controls Manual, Standard upgradeable
Programmable upgradeable
Flame Viewing Area S: 209 x 204mm
M: 373 x 234mm

Efficiency figures given are based upon the maximum heat output achieved for these models.


Stove A B C D E F Weight CF BF Flue Diameter
Small 410mm 533mm 360mm 280mm 352mm 111mm 35kg BF: 152mm (6″) CF: 127mm (5″)
Medium 590mm 583mm 410mm 330mm 401mm 101mm 48kg BF: 152mm (6″) CF: 127mm (5″)
Large 730mm 628mm 420mm 340mm 446mm 101mm 56kg BF: 152mm (6″) CF: 127mm (5″)

†Balanced flue version 51/4″ 134mm.
*Small balanced flue version 141/2″ 370mm.
*Medium balanced flue version 177/8″ 453mm.

Marlborough Gas Stoves Dimensions

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