RELAX R2 Woodburner – Woodburning Workshop & Greenhouse Stove


The Relax R2 – Also known as the PM2

Your roof may be made of combustible material, so we offer a Roof Tile with the Boot already built in. This tile provides an area of 1600mm° allowing you to pair back the roof material to provide a safe gap from the flue.

For roofs made from noncombustible material and these may be corrugated, we recommend the Boot withy the Fixing Kit. The Fixing Kit comes with 78gm dispenser of silicone sealant, 1 trimming knife, 1 drill bit, 12 washered fasteners, 12 plastic caps, lubricant, fitting instruction leaflet.

The top should be finished with either a Rain Top or a Swivel Cowl in galvanised steel.

A minumum of 3 metres of flue is required for a good draw.


Please select the quantity of related items below:


Flue 1 Metre GALVANISED (+£15.00)

Flue 45° Bend GALVANISED (+£15.00)

Flue 90° Bend GALVANISED (+£15.00)

Flue 1 Metre VITREOUS ENAMELLED (+£30.00)

Flue 45° Bend VITREOUS ENAMELLED (+£30.00)

Flue 90° Bend VITREOUS ENAMELLED (+£30.00)

Rain Top Cowl (+£26.00)

AD Swivel Cowl (+£39.00)

Aluminium Tile Flashing

High Temperature Boot Flashing

Dektite Boot Flashing Fixing Kit (+£18.00)


The 18Kg stove offers a heat output of up to 6Kw heating up to 3,200 cubic feet or 90 cubic metres of workspace.

The top Flue is 100mm in diameter and is orderable in galvanised or vitreous 1mtr lengths. Bends of 45o and 90o are also available in both materials

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