Traveller Stove,with wings

A compact wood burning stove for cooking and heating.

Our brilliantly versatile and efficient Traveller Stove can be fitted in yurts, house conservatories or even converted school buses!

It’s available in three colours: Forest Green, Honey Glow Brown or the classic Satin Black. Similar in design to our Fintan Stove, the Traveller has the upright fire box, top air vent to control the burn, and has a heat output of 3.5-4 kilowatts. The Traveller is compact, and with the help of a heat shield, can be fitted in small unique spaces.

The stove door has three latch positions to control the air intake over your fire:

Setting one: This is the first setting used when lighting your fire. It directs the air flow quickly through the flames to make the kindling catch.

Setting two: The middle setting to keep the stove at a medium high heat to build your fire.

Setting three: This is the setting with the door almost sealed to keep the stove ticking over to conserve the heat.

The stove is designed with wings attached to the top plate to give you plenty of room for cooking. It’s also available without wings if you are limited for space.


Weight 24.7 kg
Dimensions 43 x 46 x 46.5 cm

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